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Watering Reinvented

Founded in 1924, Teknor Apex is the world’s leading custom compounder and largest garden and professional hose manufacturer in the United States. At its core, it is an innovative, diversified material company.

We have worked closely with Teknor Apex over the past two years to create a series of branded videos for their coupling systems, Flexalloy and Zero-G product hose lines. With help from our collaborative partners including Laurence Penn, which created the 3D animation for the hoses and couplings we created a series that showcases the TA's proprietary products and features. The videos appear on the company website and retail partner websites. We have recently started supporting them with packaging systems as well to better align their brand experience with their hose division’s goal of quality, innovative products. The Zero-G lines sell at Lowes, Target, Walmart, and Amazon.

  • CLIENT        Teknor Apex

  • ROLE           Concept Development & Design

  • AGENCY       Chart+Foster Co

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