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Cooking Light reaches 9.2 million women with every issue, the most any epicurean magazine.

Cooking Light has devoted readership given its intersection between health, food, and women's lifestyle. With our creative partners at Popkitchen and Earthbound Brands, we have had the pleasure of working with Time Inc., on its Cooking Light Magazine brand extension for over three years.

First, we worked on a soup line sold at BJ’s Wholesale Club. Because of our success with this initiative, we managed a line of prepared foods sold at Target stores, a line of snacks sold at Walmart stores and both hard and soft home goods products sold at Ross stores. Given our continued success, we are exploring exciting possibilities for additional brand extensions.

Our role with this brand included branding, packaging design, food photography art direction and the creation of two 40+ page style guides.

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  • CLIENT        Time Inc, Cooking Light Magazine

  • ROLE           Concept Development & Design

  • AGENCY       Earthbound Brands

  • PARTNER     PopKitchen Co