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Southern Living is the insider’s guide to southern culture, recipes, décor, and travel, reaching 18 million consumers every month.

In partnership with Popkitchen and Earthbound Brands, we helped to extend Time Inc's Southern Living brand. The project objective involved reimagining the brand’s home and sweets line, which both sold at Dillard’s stores. After intensive research and iterative testing, we developed a modern apothecary style. For the home line, we used an antiqued pale patina color, while with the sweets line we used a rich chocolate with bright ornate graphic accents. Finally, we extended the visual language throughout each touchpoint, including its online presence on Dillard's website.

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  • CLIENT        Time Inc, Southern Living Magazine

  • ROLE           Concept Development & Design

  • AGENCY       Earthbound Brands

  • PARTNER     PopKitchen Co